Updated Saturday April 7, 2018 by Carlos Ospina.

LER Club is seeking a few new volunteers to join our Board to help support, grow and develop our soccer programs. Soccer knowledge is not required, just your time and commitment to our membership!

Monthly meetings, committees, program development are just a few responsibilities that are required of all Board Members. 

Various positions available:

- Intramurals Program Assistants

- Club Field /Game Schedulers

- TOPS Program Managers/Assistants:                                            (Adults and Students volunteers needed)


The Club is always looking for energetic parents and teens  to help out with this amazing program. For more information on volunteering with  the TOPS program, Please contact Jayne Paskoff Jayne Paskoff  (jaynebeth003@gmail.com)

- Club Sponsorship Managers

- Long Island Junior Soccer League is also looking for volunteers for their Games Committee

- We are also hoping to find a volunteer who can focus on our website development and social media presence. This volunteer should have experience with various social media applications and willing to help maintain our website, as this is one of our primary source of information to our membership.

Questions? or interested volunteers can reach us

Please contact Carlos Ospina, Joe Carroll, Ivy Riley if you're interested in one of these opportunities